Elevator / Lift

With more than 15 years experience in the installation of elevator/lift projectors and plasma or LCD screens and televisions, AVapplication can provide a range of lifts to meet all requirements. The lifts can be integrated into false ceilings, tables and even walls. A projector or screen can be lowered when the lift is installed in the ceiling, and on the contrary can be raised when the lift is installed in a table or other piece of furniture.

They are motorized either by cable or by electrically controlled hydraulic jack.

Projector Lift MKT

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Motorized ceilng lift system - black steel - Standard stroke : 50 cm - Ceilng space needed : 35cm, Max. load : 50 kg -  Adjustable limit switches for up/down position - Consumption: 170 watts/ 230 volts - Extended stroke possibilities ( Option ).


Ceiling Mirror Kit


Motorized ceiling mirror - black steel - Ceiling space needed 150mm, 200mm or 250mm - Intergation of projector above the ceiling  and a built-in whisper-quiet drive brings the main mirror electrcally into the presentation position. External mirror 40x40cm with 45° angle, Maximum load: 50 kg - 2 axis adjustable - Power supply : 230 volts


Table Mirror kit


Motorized table mirror system - black steel. external mirror 40x40cm, maximum load 25 kg - 2 axis adjustable - Power supply : 230 volts